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Our shop carries everything from Bath N Body, Aromatherapy, Health N Wellness, Apparel, Jewelry and more. Be sure to look around and if you can’t find it let us know.

This website is for a healthy lifestyle and healthy living. Here are a few things you’ll find here. We’ve got a healthy and sometimes not so healthy but always delicious recipes section. We’ve got tutorials and DIY’s. You’ll find the latest current events and a good dose of celebrity gossip with a little politics thrown in our blog section. So be sure to hand around for a little, get your shopping on and check us out. 

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Cough Syrup

Would you like to know how to make a herbal remedy for coughs and cold? Stay tuned.

Let’s make a body butter

This is the ultimate in body butters

Herbal concoction for Hot flashes

Here’s a remedy that will help with those nightly hot flashes and cold sweats.

Activated Charcoal Mouth Mud

I know you’ve heard about activated charcoal for brushing the teeth. I’ve got the perfect recipe


Let’s make my fabulous shea butter. It’s just a step up on shea butter to make the consistency light and  whipped. Let us show you how it’s made. 

Next up: our famous beard wash

Our very popular Beard Wash is easy to make.