HerbalAir™ USB Diffuser

HerbalAir™ USB Diffuser


The natural wood finish of this aromatherapy diffuser adds a decorative touch to any room as it fills your home with the fragrance of your favorite essential oil. A powerful stream of healthy mist, combined with pure essential oil, provides fragrance and therapy to the fullest. HerbalAir™ also conveniently fits into the cupholder of your car. This feature coupled with its USB cord means you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy as you travel.

Enjoy Aromatherapy At Home or On The Road With a Convenient USB Diffuser

Finally! A USB diffuser that is nice enough to display in your home, while portable enough to fit in the cupholder of your vehicle. The HerbalAir™ USB diffuser's natural wood finish will add class to your vehicle's interior when you decide to take it with you on your travels. With the increasing ubiquity of USB charging ports, this USB diffuser can deliver your essential oil aromas whever you go. 

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