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If you’re interested in a natural product but not sure, then this is where your search ends. We’ve done the homework and here you’ll find a multitude of natural products, and their many uses along with recipes. Products are added daily, so if you don’t see something, check back frequently. Going natural? We would like to hear about your journey and natural challenge and you in turn can read all the awesome stories about the beautiful sistas who have gone back to their natural state of mind. Its truly amazing and as I’ve taken that natural challenge myself, I too will be journalizing my unique challenges I’m sure to face on this natural journey! Maybe you’ll be tempted to also take that challenge. So lets hear your story! Peace and Blessings!

Perfect Skin can be yours!

I didn’t always take care of my skin. I didn’t feel it was relevant to me being young and with great skin. I didn’t think  I had to.  I thought I would always have great skin, but recently and especially since I’ve gotten older,  I realized that was just wishful thinking and I indeed started […]

Goatsmilk Light lotion for skin and hair

This video shows a lighter version of the goats milk lotion. It is excellent for the skin and even better as a moisturizer for the hair. You can find all the ingredients on my blog along with their properties. Thanks so much for watching. www.girlfriendsshoppingnetwork.