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1625 Doug Barnard Parkway
Augusta, GA, 30906
United States


House Of Flava Variety Shop - Home and blog to all things Natural and Handmade including Aromatherapy, Bath N Body, Health N Wellness, Smell Goods and much more! Welcome to my House!

About Us


More to be written, lol!

A Brief History

It all started when…

Welcome to the "House Of Flava", (in operation since 2000) House Of Flava started back in 2000. We were selling sports caps and military caps and a variety of sunglasses, jewelry and accessories at fairs and festivals. Since then our company has evolved into what we call today online "The Girlfriends Shopping Network". Our products now include awesome handmade products along with a nice selection of bath & body products, and now we're online to present our products to you.
We didn't want to just start with a store to just start selling to the demand. We wanted to help those that helped us build our brand, who may have their own lines or were in business also. We wanted to showcase our products along with the products and merchandise of our friends and associates, thus the Girlfriends Network was born. This venture has been a long time coming with a lot of epic failures and many successes along the way. We had major set backs here and there, but we've finally found our niche, which resulted in not only an online store, but a whole community with collaborative efforts from a consortium of people, including designers, writers, bloggers with whom we are truly thankful to for gracing us with their presence and for helping to make this such an exciting experience. 
Girlfriends online Shopping Network was created by a group of women, with serious creative visions who came together to simply share and give back. The creators decided to create on an ecommerce site and a community that would not just be about them, but about women and in particular, Black women. They wanted a place for women to congregate together and share in their achievements, successes and goals, the good, bad, and even our failures, because we know through our failures, good things prevail. This is a place to discuss almost any topic and get good feedback, without being judged too harshly. We are women, but It's a "SISTAHOOD". Hope yall stick around for some exciting features. We have a lot of idea's to share, and if you want to see or discuss anything, Ex: hair, beauty, giveaways, polls, tutorials, and much more, drop us a line and we'll get back to you asap.
Welcome. Pleasure to meet you. Enjoy the adventure of The Girlfriends Network

About the CEO (A. MOORE)
Anita Moore from Staten Island NY, closed her salon of 13 years in New York and left her day job as a bookkeeper, as well as a her side hustle business of bartending in and around NY, and moved South in 2000.  She always says she was a hustling mama by nature raising her babies and always being a hands on person, when she found she was down to one day job of managing a small hotel in Georgia, she got antsy and wanted to do more. An auntie (shout out to my Auntie) who loved to visit the flea markets as well as sell things on the weekends took her and the honey one weekend to visit one, and House Of Flava was born. She started setting up displays and one weekend led to a business. It catapulted into a traveling phenom with herself other her better half, along with her grands. They went to other flea markets, special events, Military bases and more. Eventually they opened a store and have continued to expand since.
This web site is an extension of House of Flava as well as a new journey, so in order to further this expansion of House Of flava Anita felt it in their best interest to go with the flow and incorporate other self employed crafters & sellers to further our online viewing.

Welcome to the "House Of Flava", and I hope this part of our journey will continue to be amazing and you as our very appreciated customer enjoy your visit here.

Happy Viewing!